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New book in hardcover and Kindle version is available as of October 19, 2012: "The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons" can be ordered at Amazon now.

President Barack Obama holds Dr. Palmisano's book ON LEADERSHIP.
President Barack Obama looks at ON LEADERSHIP. Also see page 49 of THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF LEADERSHIP LESSONS.

Read this wonderful On Leadership review in NRO by the President of the Galen Institute

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Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons Reviews

5-Star Review at Amazon
"A home run again", October 19, 2012

By Ken C Amazon Verified Purchase "Again Dr Palmisano has hit it out of the park. The book is a fast, timely read. The style from his previous books on leadership works very well in this new format. It is full of timely quotations that are both informative and reusable. He has added new leaders and their unique leadership talents. Well worth the price."

5 Star Review at Amazon
"A Collection of Leadership Proverbs", October 22, 2012
By GiDoc 

Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons (Kindle Edition)

"This is a nicely organized collection of pithy sayings about leadership. As such, the book reads like a collection of proverbs, which makes for easy and quick reading. The eclectic list of thinkers ranges from ancient to contemporary. An unfortunate omission from this book is the lack of an index. For example, I wanted to reference Dr Leah McCormack's quotation for this review, but the lack of an index means that the casual reader will have to read the book to find her wonderful pearl of wisdom within its pages. However, that's not an entirely bad thing, as there are many other pearls strung throughout the pages to delight the casual reader. This is a nice addition for the Kindle, and I heartily recommend this book."


5 Star Review at Amazon
"Dr Palmisanos book Leadership Lessons is inspirational" October 23, 2012
By Ronald French

Amazon Verified Purchase "This book is a must read for all Americans,, particularly in this election year. the author clearly reveals the qualities of character inherrently shared by real leaders. He does this by presenting inspirational sketches of persons, who by the example of their own lives, give an example for leadership development in all of us. Well written and entertaining, this book will uplift all readers."  


5 Star Review at Amazon

"A Book of Ageless Wisdom for All of Us" October 23, 2012
By Mark B. Constantian, MD Amazon Verified Purchase

"About 30 years ago, a television miniseries detailed Winston Churchill's life between 1929 and 1940---his so called 'wilderness years.' Churchill had become estranged from the Conservative party after its defeat in the 1929 elections, primarily over the issues of protective tariffs and home rule for India. Already a public servant for 29 years and now out of government and ridiculed for his warnings about Germany, Churchill had good reason to be depressed. Yet during this time of relative isolation, during which he wrote his biography of the First Duke of Marlborough and A History of the English Speaking Peoples, he refined many of the characteristics that created the remarkable Prime Minister and freedom champion that we remember. 'The most dangerous myth in leadership is that leaders are born', quotes Dr. Palmisano of Professor Warren Bennis. 'That's nonsense...Leaders are made.'

Dr. Palmisano's latest book is an attractive compilation of quotations from men and women who know firsthand about leadership, divided by themes (which correspond to the leadership traits that he described in his earlier books), and nicely illustrated (often by Dr. Palmisano's own handsome photographs). He has assembled what he modestly calls a "book of ideas" on the topic of leadership.

Readers will find The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons to be much more than that. What becomes evident throughout is that the great thinkers from classical Rome to our current times strike the same recurrent meta-themes of liberty, honesty, courage, tenacity, courtesy, and ethics. At a time when some of these principles may seem naïve or quaint, the truths that emerge--and their timelessness--are important for us all to remember. This book is the perfect gift for young people--tomorrow's leaders--and I personally think should be on every teenager's desk. The rest of us will have the perspective to even better appreciate the relevance and importance of the principles that Dr. Palmisano has so carefully collected.

A provocative study published in 1992 by psychiatrists at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital detailed the results of psychometric data on 107 Harvard College student-leaders followed from 1941 to 1991. One of the most fascinating findings, to me at least, was that those men who had seen combat in World War Two were more likely to be later listed in Who's Who in America than those who had not seen combat. I am not surprised at these findings, and they mesh with many of the themes that Dr. Palmisano's selected authors illustrate.

In his next book, I hope that Dr. Palmisano will dig further into the lives of some of these men and women and show us what it was in their lives that drew out leadership qualities. 'Man...will prevail,' Dr. Palmisano quotes of William Faulkner, 'because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance.'"

A nice message for all of us. 

Chairman of Accuracy in Media gives praise. Tweet from DonIrvine (@DonIrvin​e)

Great book on Leadership from @DJPNEWS, plus it has one of my photos in it.…  


5-Star Review at Amazon
November 5, 2012
By Michael D Brown

Amazon Verified Purchase 

"The perennial philosophy is called perennial because it is so. Gathered from a multitude of leaders, both contemporary and historical, this latest release from Dr. Palmisano is filled with inspiring quotes and truisms that stand the test of time. One such truism, and perhaps the dominant theme throughout, is in the importance of Liberty. Liberty, not just as a beneficial idea, but as a principle woven into our very existence from the fundamentals of the universe. This 'Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons' is indeed a pithy gathering of wisdom. An excellent read and resource!"  


5 Star Review at Amazon
"Perfect Holiday Gift", November 28, 2012

By Arthur C. Fougner (Forest Hills, NY, US)

Amazon Verified Purchase

"Former AMA President Donald Palmisano MD has done it again. This compilation of lessons learned in quotation form is simply a treasure trove of inspiration, wisdom and guidance. This book deserves its rightful place next to Sun Tzu's Art of War - Yes, it is that good. In fact, I urge everyone to send a copy of this book to every member of Congress during these challenging times. Again, Buy This Book! "


5-Star review!

The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons
Anonymous, Posted December 10, 2013

  • Highly Recommended !

    Brief quotations and examples of leadership, very carefully selected...a very handy and compact guide...I thoroughly enjoyed this little volume.


5.0 out of 5 stars
My Own Book Is Dog Eared! The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons Should be Required Reading...!, December 11, 2013

I read this book at a friends home in D.C. and had to have my own when I returned to Sedona, Arizona! This book is filled with amazing lessons in leadership, hand picked by a quintessential leader! Now that I have my own book, the pages are 'dog eared'! From Wm. Faulkner accepting a Nobel Prize for Literature - to John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address - to wisdoms from historic events throughout history - to the hot topic of bullying - these 'gems' of 'ah hah moments' make me feel better before dozing off at night - yes, I keep the book by my bed! My favorite Palmisano culled moment of brilliance is from a quotation from Marie Curie BEFORE she received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1911. After being personally attacked for a rumor about her private life, Madame Curie risked losing the prize by stating the following, "I cannot accept the idea in principle that the appreciation of the value of scientific work should be influenced by libel and slander concerning private life. I am convinced that this opinion is shared by many people." Amazing to think that this bold statement was made decades before the Hollywood Blacklist Commie scare of the 1950's. The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons by Donald J. Palmisano is not only a MUST for one's personal library, it should be required reading in schools...
Posted 24th February by YazWorm for Ambler Theater
Note this in the Feb. 24, 2013 review:  "This enlightening book can certainly be read by a high school student, in fact, this book should be a requirement for high schoolers because of the useful knowledge the book has to offer."
Feb 24, 2013
The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons

Leadership is what drives many aspects in our daily lives. From companies to classrooms, leadership skills are important if one wants to grow and understand. Having a strong interest in leadership and business, I went to the book store to find some books that would help expand my knowledge in business and leadership, and my eyes were caught by the bright red cover of this book called, "The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons", it is written by Donald J. Palmisano. Mr. Palmisano, did a fantastic job his lessons, and he analyzed many leaders across the world, how they ran their groups, how they based their decisions and more. This was truly an enlightening book.

Mr. Palmisano has had a lot of experience, even more amazing is that his experiences come from a wide range of fields. From surgeon, to business man, to author he has taken many leadership roles in different settings. He has a strong passion for teachings others about leadership, and he believes in order to create new strong leaders they need to be able to understand the thoughts and ways of current, successful leaders. From hurricanes to oil spills, Mr. Palmisano talks about leaders who had lead groups through these tough circumstances. He talk about their successful strategies align with their strong leadership traits that they developed. Truly, he does an amazing job with bringing his teachings to life. There are many quotes and examples of leaders through out his book, and all of them come from a wide range of fields, which makes this book useful for almost everyone out there.

Rhetoric tools that were used predominately in this book were imagery, ethos and logos. The Imagrey came in when the author wanted to illustrate the situation certain leaders had to for through, making their leadership traits more powerful, and easier to spot. Ethos was used when snip its of interviews were used, talking about the ethics of their work. Lastly, logos was used mostly for people who were in the field of business and or environmental science. Due to their field and projects, the leaders in the field of environmental science and business usually had projects that required constant logging of charts and graphs in order to track success or even failure, needless to say they had to track down their progress constantly.

This enlightening book can certainly be read by a high school student, in fact, this book should be a requirement for high schoolers because of the useful knowledge the book has to offer. Mr. Palmisano is very successful in bringing out the traits of the leaders and anyone who reads this book will certainly learn about important traits a leader needs in order to succeed. I highly recommend this book, it was an enjoyable read, and an enlightening book.

April 2013
Book Review of THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF LEADERSHIP LESSONS by editor of Connecticut Medicine, Michael M. Deren, MD, in April 2013 edition, Volume 77, NO. 4, page 253.  This is the journal of the Connecticut State Medical Society.